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The Who & The Why

About the Artist


My name is Carol Walton and I created “Captured by Carol, LLC” in 2006. I have ALWAYS been the person with the camera. Photography is my passion. I just love recording the days and beautiful things that happen around me. I had my first photography job working with a school photographer and enjoyed the portrait work very much. Over the years I have photographed weddings, Pregnancies, baby portraits, birthday parties, pets and Fund Raising Events. I also love to create beautiful fine art photography pieces.





I believe photos are such an important part of life. Everyone enjoys sharing their special moments through their photos. I am privileged to be able to capture those moments that make us who we are and what we have celebrated in our lives. This is what I cherish about my work.  I am always trying to find that new and creative angle that makes your photos personal to you and your needs.

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